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Zbl.No:  469.05001
Autor:  Welsh, D.J.A.(ed.); Woodall, D.R.(ed.) (Welsh, D.J.A.; Woodall, D.R.; Biggs, Norman; Bruce, Alan; Daykin, D.E.; Cameron, Peter J.; Choi, S.L.G.; Cockayne, Ernest J.; Schiller, Daniel G.; Dunstan, F.D.J.; Ingelton, A.W.; Erdös, Paul; Hajnal, András; Foulkes, H.O.; Harary, Frank; O'Neil, Peter; Read, Ronald C.; Heron, A.P.; Hilton, A.J.W.; Mason, J.H.; Meredith, G.H.J.; Lloyd, E.Keith; Nash-Williams, C.St.J.A.; Sheehan, J.; Smith, Cedric A.B.; Temperley, H.N.V.; Wilson, Robin J.; Schwenk, Allen J.; Woodal, B.R.)
Title:  Combinatorics. Proceedings of the Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics held at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford, 3-7 July, 1972. (In English)
Source:  Southend-on-Sea: The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. X, 363 p. \sterling 3.50 (1972).
Review:  Table of Contents: Participants (pp. vii-ix);
D.J.A.Welsh and D.R.Woodall, Preface (p.x);
Norman Biggs, Pictures (pp. 1-17);
Alan Bruce and D.E.Daykin, Sperner type theorems for finite sets (pp. 18-37);
Peter J.Cameron, Questions about symmetric designs (pp. 47-46);
S.L.G.Choi, Some combinatorial problems in number theory (pp. 47-52);
Ernest J.Cockayne and Daniel G.Schiller, Computation of Steiner minimal trees (pp. 53-77);
F.D.J.Cunstan, A.W.Ingelton and D. J. A. Welsh, Supermatroids (pp. 72-122);
P.Erdös and A.Hajnal, On Ramsey like theorems, problems and results (pp. 123-140);
H.O.Foulkes, Characters of symmetric groups induced vy characters of cyclic subgroups (pp. 141-157);
Frank Harary, Peter O'Neil, Ronald C.Read and Allen J.Schwenk, The number of trees in a wheel (pp. 155-163);
A.P.Heron, Matroid polynomials (164-202);
A.J.W.Hilton, The number of spanning trees of labelled wheels, fans and baskets (pp. 203-206);
J.H.Mason, Matroids: unimodal conjectures and Motzkin's theorem (pp. 207-220);
G.H.J.Meredith, Some families of non-Hamiltonian graphs (pp. 221-228);
G.H.J.Meredith and E.Keith Lloyd, The Hamiltonian graphs O4 to O7 (pp. 229-236);
C.St.A.Nash-Williams, Which infinite set-system have transversal? -- A possible approach (pp. 237-253);
J.Sheehan, Smoothly embeddable subgraphs -- a survey (pp. 254-261);
C.A.B Smith, Electric currents in regular matroids (pp. 262-284);
H.N.V.Temperley, The enumeration of graphs on large periodic lattices(pp. 285-294);
Robin J.Wilson, On the sdjacency matrix of a graph (pp. 295-321);
D.R.Woodall, Property B and the four colour problem (pp. 322-340);
D.R.Woodall, Two results on infinite transversals (pp. 341-350);
Unsolved problems (pp. 351-363).{These article are not reviewed individually.}
Classif.:  * 05-06 Proceedings of conferences (combinatorics)
                   00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
Keywords:  trees; matroids; Hamiltonian graphs
Index Words:  Combinatorics; Proceedings; Conference; Combinatorial mathematics; Oxford

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