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Zbl.No:  468.26003
Autor:  Boes, Duane; Darst, Richard; Erdös, Paul
Title:  Fat, symmetric, irrational Cantor sets. (In English)
Source:  Am. Math. Mon. 88, 340-341 (1981).
Review:  For 0 < \alpha \leq 1 let C\alpha be the Cantor set in [0,1] obtained by the familiar process of removing middle intervals of length \alpha/3, \alpha/32 etc. It is proved that the set of \alpha in (0,1] for which C\alpha consists only of irrational numbers is residual in [0,1].
Reviewer:  J.G.Ceder
Classif.:  * 26A30 Real functions of one real variable with other special properties
                   26A21 Classification of functions of one real variable
                   04A15 Descriptive set theory
Keywords:  symmetric irrational Cantor sets; Cantor functions

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