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Zbl.No:  278.50008
Autor:  Erdös, Paul; Klamkin, Murray S.
Title:  A triangle inequality. (In English)
Source:  Publ. Fac. Electrotech. Univ. Belgrade, Ser. Math. Phys. 412-460, 117- 118 (1973).
Review:  Si prova che vale la disuguaglianza: \cos \lambda (A/ \lambda)+\cos\lambda (B/ \lambda) \geq (C/ \lambda) per \lambda in R \geq \lambda \geq 2 ed A,B,C angoli di un triangolo [O. Bottema, R. Z. Djordjevic, R. R. Janic, D. S. Mitrinovic, P. M. Vasic ``Geometric inequalities'' (1969; Zbl 174.52401)].
Reviewer:  F.Fava
Classif.:  * 51M25 Length, area and volume (geometry)
                   52A40 Geometric inequalities, etc. (convex geometry)

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