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Zbl.No:  213.51003
Autor:  Bosák, J.; Erdös, Paul; Rosa, A.
Title:  Decompositions of complete graphs into factors with diameter two (In English)
Source:  Mat. Cas., Slovensk. Akad. Vied 21, 14-28 (1971).
Review:  Let f(k) be the smallest integer n so that the complete graph < n > can be decomposed into k edge disjoint subgraphs of diameter 2. The authors prove: (1) f(k) < ( 49/10 )2k2 log k. Recently N. Sauer considerably improved (1) by showing f(k) < 7k [cf. the paper reviewed below, J. Comb. Theory 9, 423-426 (1970; Zbl 213.51004)].
Classif.:  * 05C70 Factorization, etc.

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