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Zbl.No:  174.36602
Autor:  Erdös, Pál
Title:  On some applications of probability methods to function theory and on some extremal properties of polynomials (In English)
Source:  Sovremen. Probl. Teor. Analit. Funktsij, Mezhdunarod. Konf. Teor. Analit. Funktsij, Erevan 1965, 359-362 (1966).
Review:  Some results and conjectures concerning Sidon sequences. Zygmund sequences, extremal properties of polynomials and other related topics are collected in the paper.
Reviewer:  M.Kinukawa
Classif.:  * 30C10 Polynomials (one complex variable)
                   30C75 Extremal problems for (quasi-)conformal mappings, other methods
Index Words:  complex functions

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