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Zbl.No:  106.12006
Autor:  Erdös, Pál; Rényi, Alfréd
Title:  On the evolution of random graphs. II (In English)
Source:  Bull. Inst. Int. Stat. 38, No.4, 343-347 (1961).
Review:  Let En,N denote the set of all linear graphs having n given labelled vertices and N edges. A random graph \Gamman,N is defined as an element of En,N chosen at random, so that each of the elements of En,N have the same probability to be chosen. The authors describe the process of evolution of the random graph \Gamman,N for n,N ––> oo and such that N = N(n) is a given function of n.
Reviewer:  G.Mihoc
Classif.:  * 05C80 Random graphs
Index Words:  probability theory

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