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Publications in 1998

Zbl 980.13493 DE011314673  •  Chung, Fan; Graham, Ron , Erdös on graphs. His legacy of unsolved problems. ,
Wellesley, MA: A K Peters, (ISBN 1-56881-079-2/hbk). xiii, 142 p. $ 30.00 (1998). [Reviewer: R.Faudree (Memphis)] , 05C55 05C35 05C15 05C80 05C65 05C30 00A07
Zbl 980.17661 DE011427793  •  Erdös, Paul; Joó, István; Komornik, Vilmos , On the sequence of numbers of the form \epsilon0+\epsilon\1q+...+\epsilonn qn,\epsilon in {0,1}. ,
Acta Arith. 83, No.3, 201-210 (1998). , 11A67 11B83 11R06

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