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2005 PAM Division Award
Update june 2007
Years 1868-1931
17 772 links to facsimiles
Einstein-Jahr 2005
Informatik-Jahr 2006

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About the Jahrbuch Project
Letters to the editor
  Letters to the Editor   

  • First of all, thank you very much for the JFM initiative! It is a great improvement in accessibility to mathematical literature. Please find below four comments/suggestions in the spirit of improving something very good...
  • ERAM was very useful to me, as I don't think I could have gotten reasonable access to the Jahrbuch otherwise.
    ...and thanks again for a great research tool.
    (Rob Benedetto (Boston University, Boston, US))
  • First of all congratulations for the Jahrbuch project ! I find that this will be an extremely useful resource. I am chair of the library committee here at UCLA and I was wondering if you plan to make available CD_ROMs with the Jahrbuch data. We will certainly be interested in purchasing them. Also, I personally believe that all mathematical material should be scanned, not just what is consider today the most important material. This changes over time...
    (Ricardo Perez-Marco (UCLA, Los Angeles, US))
  • I am very impressed with both the idea and the execution of your project, so if my abilities might be useful I'd be happy to try and help...
    (Thomas B. Ward (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
  • But first I would like to thank you for this fantastic facility. I had been hankering after the Jahrbuch for a long time and did not know of this web project until I met Dr. Keith Davis last fall. Now I am telling everybody about it and this is one comment I got from my colleague (historian) Tom Hawkins at Boston University: "Thanks for the info about web access to the jahrbuch, Emma. It was news to me. The web is indeed amazing. In fact I wanted to read Stickelbergers Berlin dissertation (ca 1874), which no library around here has, and what to my wondering eyes should appear ... but a viewable (and copyable) copy of the dissertation, courtesy of one of the Göttingen libraries!"
    (Emma Previato (Boston University, Boston, US))
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