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Newsletter of the EMS.
Four times a year, a Newsletter is sent to all members. It contains information about the Society, announcements of conferences, book reviews, a problem corner and articles of general interest.

European Congresses of Mathematics
Every four years, the EMS organizes a European Congress. The purpose of this major event is threefold: to present various new aspects of pure and applied mathematics to a wide audience; to be a forum for discussion of the relationship between mathematics and society in Europe; to enhance cooperation among mathematicians from all European countries.
EMS Prizes
The EMS prizes have been established by the EMS and are presented every four years at the European Congresses of Mathematics. Moreover, the Felix Klein prize has been established in 1999 by the EMS and the endowing organisation, the Institute for Industrial Mathematics in Kaiserslautern and is also presented every four years at the European Congresses of Mathematics.
EMS Summer Schools and EMS Joint Mathematical Weekends
In order to promote the interaction of young mathematicians, the EMS organizes two summer schools a year, one in mathematics and one in applications of mathematics.
Moreover, the EMS has launched a new format of joint meetings with its corporate member societies, the so-called EMS Joint Mathematical Weekends.
EMS Lectures
Every year, the EMS invites a distinguished mathematician to visit an institution and to give a series of lectures of an advanced expository nature on a topic of current research interest.

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