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EULER is a project cofunded by the European Commission in the Telematics for Libraries sector. See also the project synopsis on I*M Europe.

Start: April 1998
Duration: 30 months, project completed in September 2000

The name of the game:
The project is named after Leonhard Euler, 1707-1783, "mathematicorum princeps" 

NOTICE: The EULER project was sucessfully completed in September 2000. All pages below this entry page do not change anymore, and should be regarded as archival.

The successor project, EULER-TAKEUP, has started in December 2001. Please see the these pages pages for latest developments and information on EULER-TAKEUP.

In the meantime, a modified version of the Beta version of the EULER service is still available. The EULER service provides you with a one-stop-shop in your search for mathematical resources such as books, pre-prints, web-pages, abstracts, proceedings, serials, technical reports and thesis. Through our single search interface you can query a range of databases simultaneously.

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