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Mission Statement

EULER is a European based world class real virtual library for mathematics with up-to-date technological solutions, a sound sustainable business model, well accepted by users.

In particular, EULER provides a world reference and delivery service, transparent to the end user and offering full coverage of the mathematics literature world-wide, including bibliographic data, peer reviews and/or abstracts, indexing, classification and search, transparent access to library services, co-operating with commercial information providers (publishers, bookstores).

The EULER services provide a gateway to the electronic catalogues and repositories of participating institutions, while the latter retain complete responsibility and control over the creation and maintenance of their data collections as well as the access provisions pertaining to their offerings. In as far as the EULER service indexes or stores metadata records of its participants, these data are used strictly in accordance to the stated aims.

Based on the achievements of the two successfully completed EULER projects, the EULER Consortium works to achieve the following  goals:

The European Mathematical Society (EMS) represents the interests of the mathematical community for which the EULER service is made. The EULER services will remain under control of organizations representing the public interest.


The EULER Consortium consists of full members and associate members. Only not-for-profit institutions can become full or associate members. In addition the Consortium recognizes another category: commercial parties may join as sponsoring members. New members will be subject to approval by the European Mathematical Society and the EULER Executive Committee.

Full members consist of the current EULER participants and new members who are prepared to contribute actively to the Consortium. In addition to the conditions required from associate members, they are also required to be actively involved in the EULER Consortium by appointing a representative who takes part in meetings and (electronic) discussions. Contributions with regard to technical support and know-how are welcome.

Associate members participate as information providers only. They provide metadata and regular updates of their data according to Dublin Core based EULER specifications. For libraries with OPACs it is highly recommended that they provide document delivery services, at least within their national boundaries.

Commercial partners (sponsoring members) are participants who contribute their metadata according to Dublin Core based EULER specifications and for which a financial contribution is required, based on an agreement with the Consortium - they cannot be full members.

Contrary to commercial partners, not-for-profit members are institutions whose main objective is to provide or sell information but where notions like profit and shareholders value are not their main concern. Examples of such members are academic/research institutions and societies. Examples of commercial partners are for-profit publishers and book vendors.

During the EULER-TAKEUP project, several institutions and commercial partners were contacted as potential new members, and informed on general aims and conditions. The project consortium has received several positive reactions following these requests, and further sucessful development can be expected.

Tasks of  Members

The Consortium acts through its members to ensure the continuation of the EULER service. It also performs the supervision and administrative tasks with regard to the addition of new members.

The tasks of the Consortium members consist of the following:
Co-ordinating tasks as well as technical and administrative tasks will be carried out by the Executive Committee. As necessary such tasks can be distributed among the full members. Specifically, the following tasks will be handled:
A Scientific Supervisory Board is installed:
Members are required to provide metadata and regular (at least monthly) updates of their databases according to Dublin Core based EULER specifications. The necessary scripts for the conversion are the responsibility of the member. The Consortium can provide initial and basic technical advice. The interfaces for requesting document delivery, pay-per-view of a full-text article or ordering a publication, including the rates, are the sole responsibility of the information provider. If a member does not have the means to provide the required programs or scripts, the Consortium can provide the necessary technical support against a fee per hour. At the discretion of the Consortium, such a fee may be waived.

Data provision and update procedures might need further specific agreements between the Consortium, the service provider(s) concerned, and the information provider, depending on special cases and needs. Model agreements and technical procedures are given in a separate document.

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Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community: Project EULER-TAKEUP (IST-2000-29445)