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Benefits of advertising with EULER include:

Highlighted text-based ads displayed on search results.

Keyword targeting for direct results and increased relevance.

Sponsored Links

Your enhanced text link appears at the top of the EULER result page whenever the keyword or phrase you have purchased is searched for by one of our users.

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    Publisher Catalogue Exposition

Your complete offer of mathematical books appears as part of the EULER Database, completely integrated with other sources such as book reviews.

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Principles for Targeted Sponsored Links

Targeted Advertising

Advertising with EULER is always targeted. Sponsored links displayed by EULER are always related to the user query. This principle avoids random advertising that is not related to the users interest, and therefore prevents "banner blindness", leading to higher impact of advertising campaigns.

With Targeted Sponsored Links, advertising partners pay for an option to get their ad displayed at the top of the EULER result list whenever the keywords or phrases that an advertising partner has opted for are searched for by one of the users of EULER.

All advertisements are subject to EULER's approval. EULER reserves the right to reject any advertisement, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. In such a case, EULER will provide the advertiser an explanation of its decision and the basis therefore. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EULER will not cancel placement of an advertisement due to demand from other advertisers.

Advertisers remain ultimately responsible for the selection, content, and display of any advertisements.


The design of the displayed Targeted Sponsored Link closely resembles the layout of normal hits from the EULER result lists, however, it is clearly marked as a sponsored link. At most one Targeted Sponsored Link will be displayed at the top of the normal EULER result list.

Three lines of text are available for the ad: Currently, the first line will be displayed in a boldface font, the second line (also boldface) will be a hyperlink to the web page that the advertising partner provides, the last of them will be displayed in a small font. No other design elements are allowed. Advertising partners are free in their choice of text for the ad, as well as of the target of the hyperlink.

Display triggering

When starting their ad campaign with EULER, advertising partners pay a fee for a number of "options", consisting of a trigger term or phrase, and the text and link target for their ad. It is possible to use different terms of phrases for the same ad, or the same term or phrase for different ads.

The sponsoring of too broad terms should be discouraged. Examples are: "algebra", "geometry" and "differential equations". The more specific phrases, e.g. "algebraic geometry" will be given preference to trigger the corresponding sponsor's advertisement. When a user searches the EULER database, and more than one option matches the query, those options that are word phrases will take precedence over single-word terms.

One entry from the remaining list of options will be chosen on an alternating equal distribution random basis for display.

Note that it is possible to buy several options for the same word or phrase. This is an interesting choice in case of terms or phrases that a highly demanded, and where options from competitors already exist. Buying multiple options will increase the frequency of the own ad to be displayed. Synonyms and related terms will be treated as additional terms/phrases and be paid for accordingly.

Advertisers will be informed of the number of options that other advertisers have for their trigger terms or phrases, and whenever this number changes.


Advertising Periods

Advertising campaigns with EULER run at least one week, and are concluded in advance for a period of one week or longer. They can be prolonged following the initial period.


Regular installation fee per option: EUR 20.
Regular weekly fee per option: EUR 10.
Regular prolongation fee per option package: EUR 10.

Package discounts

Installation fee for 2-5 options: EUR 40
Installation fee for 11-10 options: EUR 60
Installation fee for 11-20 options: EUR 100

Weekly fee for 2-5 options: EUR 20
Weekly fee for 6-10 options: EUR 30
Weekly fee for 11-20 options: EUR 50

Special package discounts for even larger amounts of options are negotiable.

Special offers

The above fee may be lowered or even waived on special request for (a) non-profit scientific organizations, and (b) EULER Consortium members (full or associate).

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