Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


The present paper owes a great debt to Strang's work.

Recent work of Kirby shows that......

Kirk, building on work of Penot, developed a more abstract version of......

The name of Harald Bohr is attached to bG in recognition of his work on almost periodic functions.

With a little more work we can prove......

[see also: succeed] In addition to illustrating how our formulas work in practice, it provides a counterexample to Brown's conjecture.

The method works regardless of whether A or B is used.

The argument works equally well for R being a general ring with unity.

A further complication arises from “selection'', which works rather differently from the other labels.

We can assume that p is as close to q as is necessary for the following proof to work.

The definition of generator is designed to make the proof above work for M=Z.

Also, wherever possible, we work with integer coefficients, enabling us to obtain information about torsion.

In practice, D is usually too large a set to work with.

We now work toward the establishment of properties (A) to (D).

In Section 4 we worked out a fairly detailed picture of linear H-systems.

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