Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


The terms with n>N add up to less than 2.

an algebra with unit

a function with compact support

Then F is Poisson distributed with mean m.

With this definition, the set of equivalence classes is a metric space.

With the customary abuse of notation, the same symbol is used for......

......with e0 denoting multiplication by f.

As with the digit sums, we can use alternating digit sums to prove...... [= Just as in the case of digit sums]

Choose δ in accordance with Section 8.

In analogy with (1) we have......

With each D there is associated a region VD.

We show that A is negligible compared with B.

This notion is closely connected with that of packing dimension.

Let us continue with the proof of Theorem 2.{\ko} The exact sequence ends on the right with H(X).

a word starting with a and ending with b

We can make this clear with the following example.

Note that m is permitted to vary with the number of inputs.

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