Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: moment, simultaneously

an impulse acting at time t=0

This path stays in B for all time.

This can be performed in O(n) time.

The problem is to move all the disks to the third peg by moving only one at a time.

At times [= Occasionally] it will be useful to consider......

We prove both lemmas at the same time.

At the time of writing [5], I was not aware of this reference.

It has been known for some time that......

But this time boundedness on U is enough; we do not need continuity on V.

Then A has three times as many elements as B has.

The integral of F is r times the sum of......

Thus X has r times the length of Y.

The diameter of A is three times that of B.

Clearly, F is r times as long as G.

Applying this argument k more times, we obtain......

......where zk=z... z (k times)

Let K be the number of times that z returns to B.

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