Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


Assume that such a g exists.

Theorem 1 can be used to bound the number of such T.

There is a map such that...... [Not: “There is such a map that”]

One such mapping is the function f given in......

There are few, if any, other significant classes of processes for which such precise information is available.

Some such difficulty is to be expected.

For general linear operators, there is not such an extensive functional calculus as there is for self-adjoint operators.

a shorter such proof

every such map

many such maps

Here the interesting questions are not about individual examples, but about the asymptotic behaviour of the set of examples as one or another of the invariants (such as the genus) goes to infinity.

We observe a prolonged rise in prices such as occurred in the late 1960s.

Our presentation is therefore organized in such a way that the analogies between the concepts of topological space and continuous function, on the one hand, and of measurable space and measurable function, on the other, are strongly emphasized.

Such was the case in (8).

We can continue to pick elements of B as above. But there are only finitely many such, a contradiction.

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