Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: circumstances, situation, condition] The number of distinct states a processor may be in is at most n.

 [see also: assert, say, give, formulate] We end this section by stating without proof an analogue of......

In order to state these conditions succinctly, we introduce the following terminology.

In our next theorem, we state a characterization of...... which does not seem to have been noticed previously.

The preceding proof contains a result which is interesting enough to be stated separately.

Stated informally, continuous functions of measurable functions are measurable.

We have not required f to be......, and we shall not do so except when explicitly stated.

Hence A has the stated continuity properties.

Part (b) follows from (a) on noting that A=B under the conditions stated.

Actually, [3, Theorem 2] does not apply exactly as stated, but its proof does.

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