Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


We now prove a lemma which is interesting in its own right.

 the right member of (8) = the right side of (8) = the right-hand side of (8) [Or: the right hand side]

the right-hand side expression

on the right of (8) = on the right-hand side of (8)

The exact sequence ends on the right with H(X).

composition on the right with p

Then D lies to the right of G.

Let nk be the first location to the right of the kth decimal place of W that has a value less than b.

Comparisons are done in left-to-right order.

The entries in each row are increasing from left to right.

We adopt the convention that the first coordinate i increases as one goes downwards, and the second coordinate j increases as one goes from left to right.

The string N (read from right to left) starts with......

The map f, which we know to be bounded, is also right-continuous.

The method of proof of Theorem B can be adapted to extend the right-to-left direction of Mostowski's result by showing that......

the rightmost integral [ = the last one on the right]

However, as pointed out right after (5),......

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