Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: call for, entail, demand, want, desire, necessitate, force, involve

Then f=1, as required <claimed/desired>.

In addition to f being convex, we require that F be holomorphic. [Note the subjunctive be.]

This is equivalent to requiring that......

If (ii) is required for finite unions only, then M is called an algebra of sets.

When clarity requires it, we shall write IA(f) instead of I(f). [Note that the it is necessary here.]

Many of the results that follow only require W to satisfy (8).

The algebraic properties (i) and (ii) required of j are evidently true.

Lemma 3 does not require D to be prime.

The only point that requires care is the verification of......

The projection technique requires the introduction of an appropriate homomorphism.

We require a method of dividing z into subwords zi for which we know the structure of f(zi).

We shall show that V is the required open cover.

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