Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: stay, keep, continue, persist

For k=2 the count remains as is.

The two probabilities remain essentially what they were before.

It remains to exclude the case where......

To prove (8), it only remains to verify that......

Thus, all that remains is to repeat the construction for f in place of g.

The situations with domains other than sectors remain to be investigated.

There remains the second question. [ But: It remains to consider the second question.]

It is possible that the methods of this paper could be used to......, but there remain considerable obstacles to overcome.

Conjecture 2 of [KH], to the effect that [= meaning that] there is no relation P with E(P)=1, still remains open.

Let Si be the first of the remaining Sj.

Half of the sets of the family R miss i and half the remaining miss j.

The remaining possibility is that v is labelled 2.

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