Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


We leave the details to the reader.

We leave to the reader the proof that f is indeed self-adjoint, and not merely symmetric.

We leave it to the reader to verify that...... [Note that the it is necessary here.]

For the convenience of the reader, we repeat the main points. [Or: For the reader's convenience]

The reader is cautioned that our notation is in conflict with that of [3].

The reader is assumed to be familiar with elementary K-theory.

For more details we refer the reader to [4].

The interested reader is referred to [4] for further information. [Note the double r in referred.]

At this point, the reader is urged to review the definitions of......

It may be worth reminding the reader that......

The reader might want to compare this remark with [2, Cor. 3].

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