Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


Note that any Euclidean space satisfies the present hypothesis.

The present paper owes a great debt to Strang's work.

At present, we merely show how this extremal problem can be used to characterize......

Inserting additional edges destroys no edges that were already present.

In the function field case the poles at s=0 and 1 are still present.

 [see also: lay out, set out, represent] Pointwise convergence presents a more delicate problem.

The analogue of Theorem 1 presents no difficulty.

Proposition 2 presents examples of......

Here we present another homomorphism that is of type MN.

To round out the picture presented by Theorem 5, we mention the following consequence of......

Since most of the results presented are quite classical (the novelty lies in the arrangement, and some of the proofs are new), I have not attempted to document the source of every item.

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