Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: different

Every region in the plane (other than the plane itself) is conformally equivalent to U.

Clearly, A weights are sharp weights. That there are no others is the main result of Section 2.

Then V has the following subspaces, and no others:......

The others being obvious, only (iv) needs proof.

It follows that the semigroup St is none other than e(t)T.

Each vertex is adjacent to q others.

The other inequality is just as easy to prove. [= the other of the two mentioned]

the other end of the interval

In this and the other theorems of this section, the Xn are any independent random variables with a common distribution.

One of these lies in the union of the other two.

Any other unexplained notation is as found in Fox (1995).

The next corollary shows among other things that...... [Not: “among others'']

Our result generalizes Urysohn's extension theorems, among others. [= among other theorems]

These n disjoint boxes are translates of each other.

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