Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: arrangement, organization] Comparisons are done in left-to-right order.

They are numbered in order of increasing diameter.

The diagram of L+M is obtained by taking the rows of the diagrams of L and M and reassembling them in order of decreasing length.

in reverse order

arranged in increasing order

The interchange in the order of integration was legitimate, since......

One is tempted to reverse the order of integrations but that is illegitimate here.

The first 15 chapters should be taken up in the order in which they are presented, except for Chapter 9, which may be postponed.

an element of order a power of p

an element of prime power order

Then F has continuous y-derivatives of all orders <up to order k>.

Thus F vanishes to order 3 <to infinite order> at x.

In all our analysis, only the order of magnitude of P will be significant.

First, some remarks concerning the term “closure” are in order.

In order to make our description of this process precise, we define......

 [see also: arrange, organize] We partially order M by declaring X<Y to mean that......

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