Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: abound, many, numerous, profusion, several, variety] Let q be the maximum number of variables occurring in...... [Note the double r in occurring.]

The total number of vectors of this type is 36.

the number of elements of X

the number of terms in the sequence (an) such that......

Nevertheless, in interpreting this conclusion, caution must be exercised because the number of potential exceptions is huge.

All but a finite number of the Gs are empty.

for all n except a finite number

There are a large number of examples showing that...... [Not: “There is a large number'']

We give a number of results concerning...... [= several]

There are a number of equivalent definitions of the regular set.

 The elements of D can be so numbered that......

They are numbered in order of increasing diameter.

Number the successive segments of the boundary line between A and B (marked thickly in the picture) with the numbers 0,1,...,n, starting at the bottom.

numbered in Arabic numerals

These from G number 45. [= there are 45 of them]

The elements of G, numbering 122 in all, range from 9 to 2000.

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