Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


For m not an integer, the norm can be defined by interpolation.

For f not in B,......

However, M is generally not a manifold.

It is not generally possible to restrict f to the class D.

We note that H is in fact not monotone if this condition is violated.

[Do not use not to negate an adjective placed before a noun. Write: a non-monotone function, and not: “a not monotone function''.]

Is there a relation between A and B? There certainly is not if......

Now f is independent of the choice of γ (although the integral itself is not).

Examples 1 and 2 give two operators, the former bounded and the latter not, with......

Let us stress that c is a term and not a subset of C.

Obviously, S may be P, but it may also not be P.

The result above seems not to be a consequence of previous results.

The ordered pair (a,b) can be chosen in 16 ways so as not to be a multiple of (c,d).

Why not increase the precision of these statements?

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