Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: necessity, require, necessary] By subtracting a constant if need be, we may assume......

There is no need for the assumption that......

 [see also: require, necessitate, necessary] However, (9) needs handling with greater care.

The others being obvious, only (iv) needs proof.

We need to make the smallest possible jump.

This will help us find what conditions on A are needed for T(A) to be analytic.

In case F=R, no integration over M is needed in (5).

The only property of M needed is local compactness. %[Not: “the only needed property'']

More specialized notions from Banach space theory will be introduced as needed.

 [modal verb, in questions, negatives or with “only''; see also: have to] We need only consider three cases. [Or: We only need to consider]

Only shifts with k=1 need be considered.

It turns out that nothing more need be done to obtain......

In that case Y need only be metrizable (rather than completely metrizable).

Then F need not satisfy (2). [= F does not necessarily satisfy (2).]

However, it need not be the case that V> W, as we shall see in the following example.

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