Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: largely, extent, majority

There are at most two such r in (0,1).

The number of distinct values that could be in a memory cell is at most s.

Thus A is the union of B plus an at most countable set.

The two functions differ at most on a set of measure zero.

If A consists of at most one point, then......

The set F has the most points when......

In most cases it turns out that......

Most measures that one meets are already complete.

The proof shows that if the points are drawn at random from the uniform distribution, most choices satisfy the required bound.

Although [1] deals mainly with the unit disc, most proofs are so constructed that they apply to more general situations.

Most of the theorems presented here have never been published before.

Most of this book is devoted to......

For most of the proof it suffices to use the rough bound p<1.

[Use most of before the, this, our etc.]

A survey of the research on fn(x,y) up to 1970 (most of it dealing with the case n=1) was given in [3].

The proofs are, for the most part, only sketched.

This paper, for the most part, continues this line of investigation.

We shall be brief here and just estimate the terms that are the most challenging.

Most probably, his method will prove useful in......

What most interests us is whether......

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