Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: additional, extra, further, great

We conclude this section with one more result.

One more case merits mentioning here.

Applying this argument k more times, we obtain......

Then F has n or more zeros in Ω.

In dimensions three or more, this would imply......

The L2 theory has more symmetry than is the case in L1.

a set of no more than k elements

Those more than half a square count as whole ones.

......, which, by another theorem of Kimney's, is more than enough to guarantee that P gives A outer measure 1.

A more complete theory may be obtained by......

a succession of more and more refined discrete models

This accords with the intuition that as we pass down the coding tree, we find out more and more detailed information about the ordering actually represented.

How many more men attended the meeting than the women?

The new X is no more continuous, although it still has norm 1.

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