Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[cf. do; see also: build, construct, perform, carry out, produce, convert, transform, turn into, force, compose, comprise, consist

The tensor product makes G a module over R.

In [2], this theorem is made the starting point of Gelfand theory.

This norm makes X into a Banach space.

Theorem 2 makes it legitimate to apply integration by parts.

Now (8) makes it obvious that......

This device makes it possible to replace multivalued functions by functions with......

......where C can be made arbitrarily small by taking......

If this is not so, a linear fractional transformation will make it so.

We make G act trivially on Y.

Now F is defined to make G and H match up at the left end of I.

But...... it being impossible to make A and B intersect. [= since it is impossible to make......]

The definition of generator is designed to make the proof above work for M=Z.

The function of Lemma 2 can be made to satisfy......

A similar reformulation can be made for......

It is sufficient to make the computation for T.

After making a linear transformation, (9) becomes......

Let us make the following observation <assumption/definition>.

We make the convention that f(Q)=i(Q).

Recently proofs have been constructed which make no appeal to integration.

Indeed, it is routine to verify that the index so constructed is independent of the choices made.

The set WF(u) is made up of bicharacteristic strips.

Each of the terms that make up G(t) is well defined.

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