Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: right

Examination of the left and right members of (1) shows that......

Under those conditions, what does the sum on the left hand side of (8) signify?

Note that (2) serves as the definition of its left side.

We denote the left-hand such interval by IL and the right-hand one by IR.

Now F is defined to make G and H match up at the left end of I.

The tangent space to N at x is identified with M via left translation.

The method of proof of Theorem B can be adapted to extend the right-to-left direction of Mostowski's result by showing that......

Comparisons are done in left-to-right order.

The entries in each row are increasing from left to right.

We adopt the convention that the first coordinate i increases as one goes downwards, and the second coordinate j increases as one goes from left to right.

The string N (read from right to left) starts with......

We say that F is low if F(c) lies to the left of c.

To be precise, A is only left-continuous at 0.

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