Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: great, more, extensive, substantial

This is a condition on how large f is.

The process slows down for large x.

Unfortunately, this only holds for n sufficiently large.

Then Mn(x)=0 for every x, however large. [= no matter how large]

Here L can be taken as large as desired.

There are a large number of examples showing that...... [Not: “There is a large number'']

The kernel satisfies good large time bounds if......

But Anzn is much larger than the sum of all the other terms in the series ∑ Akzk.

The question of whether B is ever strictly larger than A remains open.

Intuitively, entropy of a partition is a measure of its information content---the larger the entropy, the larger the information content.

the second largest element

By and large, we shall use the same notation as in...... [= In general]

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