Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: data, material

Theorem 1 gives information on <about>......

Also, wherever possible, we work with integer coefficients, enabling us to obtain information about torsion.

The main information conveyed by this formula is that......

For background information, see [5].

This accords with the intuition that as we pass down the coding tree, we find out more and more detailed information about the ordering actually represented.

The interested reader is referred to [4] for further information. [Note the double r in referred.]

The survey article [5] by Diestel contains a wealth of information about the Dunford-Pettis property.

Intuitively, entropy of a partition is a measure of its information content---the larger the entropy, the larger the information content.

[Note that information has no plural and does not appear with “an''; on the other hand, you can say: an interesting piece of information.]

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