Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


an increase of 5% <a 5% increase> in the cost of living

a considerable <major/marked/significant/substantial/modest/small/sharp/steady/sixfold/overall> increase

 [see also: enhance, grow, raise] Obviously, Gn increases to G as n→∞.

Sales increased almost fourfold in this period.

The budget has increased by more than a third.

We adopt the convention that the first coordinate i increases as one goes downwards, and the second coordinate j increases as one goes from left to right.

The index increases by 1 when the path is crossed from right to left.

The numbers inserted in L must increase strictly down each column.

Also, F does not increase distances.

There has recently been increasing interest in the theory of......

It becomes impracticable to compute the zeros of F for degrees greater than 6; in any event, deciding whether the divisors found in this way represent irreducible curves becomes increasingly difficult.

Indeed, as n increases, it becomes increasingly rare for a manifold to be a hyperplane section of another projective manifold.

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