Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: imply, ensuing, subsequent

The remarks following Theorem 2 show that a=0.

The analysis to follow only covers the case d=1.

The following three statements are equivalent:......

For D a smooth domain, the following are equivalent.

The idea of the ensuing computations is the following:......

His argument is as follows.

The fact that the number T(p) is uniquely defined, even though p is not, enables us to define the nullity of A as follows.

In what follows <In all that follows>, L stands for......

Throughout what follows, we shall freely use without explicit mention the elementary fact that......

It follows that a is positive. [= Hence <Consequently,/Therefore,> a is positive.]

If we prove that G>0, the assertion follows.

The general case follows by changing x to x-a.

We follow Kato [3] in assuming f to be upper semicontinuous.

The proof follows very closely the proof of (2), except for the appearance of the factor x2.

It is intuitively clear that the amount by which Sn exceeds zero should follow the exponential distribution.

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