Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: apart from, besides

for all n except a finite number

for no x except the unique solution of......

[Note the difference between besides, except and apart from: besides usually “adds'' something, except “subtracts'', and apart from can be used in both senses; after no, nothing etc., all three can be used.]

Then G is differentiable except for a jump at x=0.

Except for these two lemmas, we make no use of the results of [4].

That is---except the use of relaxed controls---precisely the stochastic Bellman equation.

Then F is invertible except possibly on an at most countable set.

Thus, F is invertible except where <at> x=0.

Hence F is invertible except at countably many points.

The desingularization of f is X except when Q and Q' have a common factor, in which case......

We have not required f to be......, and we shall not do so except when explicitly stated.

The assumptions of Section 3 are still in force except that for greater generality we do not assume f to be continuous.

 The trivial cases when the family consists of only one set are excepted.

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