Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: hypothesis] The conjecture will be disproved by exhibiting......

In addition to illustrating how our formulas work in practice, it provides a counterexample to Brown's conjecture.

The conjecture (now known not to be true in general) was that......

a long-standing conjecture

The as yet unproved conjecture of Newman is that......

Conjecture 2 of [KH], to the effect that [= meaning that] there is no relation P with E(P)=1, still remains open.

Some partial evidence to support this conjecture is discussed in [3].

We offer numerical evidence to support a conjecture that there exist infinitely many primes of this type.

All the evidence points to the validity of the conjecture.

How close does Theorem 1 come to this conjecture?

It is conjectured in [B3] that......

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