Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: finish, conclude] We close this section with a discussion of......

In closing this section we take up a result which will play a pivotal role in the characterization of......

We close this off by characterizing......

[see also: near] We have to check that F does not get too close to p.

for t close to 0

Part of the conclusion is that F moves each z closer to the origin than it was.

Let P be a point of U closest to Q.

It is this point of view which is close to that used in C*-algebras.

See [AB] for a proof that is close to the original one.

The above bound on an is close to best possible <to the best possible>.

The products FiGi are very close to satisfying (1).

How close does Theorem 1 come to this conjecture?

These results therefore describe the very close connection between the method of encoding and the structures we are aiming to classify.

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