Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: adaptation, adjustment, modification] The shape of F undergoes radical changes as x moves from A to B.

The change in arg z around Γ is......

After the change of variable z=......

Theorems 3 and 6 of [2], with the appropriate changes, are also valid.

The rest of the proof goes through as for Corollary 2, with hardly any changes.

The present proof is so arranged that it applies without change to holomorphic functions of several variables.

From (ii), with an obvious change in notation, we get......

a slight <small/subtle/considerable/radical/profound/major/substantial> change

[see also: adapt, adjust, alter, convert, modify, replace, revise, transform, vary] Reversing the orientation of Y changes B into -B.

By changing at least one of the circles to a rectangle, we obtain......

The method is to change variables to y=x+c so that......

The parameter of the model is changed from p to 1-p.

The difference can change only by an even integer.

The limit in 4(b) is unchanged if g is replaced by f.

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