Proceedings On-Site Sale, Special Offer

See D.5 Proceedings

The ICM'98 proceedings for the special price of DM 140,- are available at the souvenir counter in the Main Building of TU Berlin.

VideoMath Tapes

Tapes with the videos from the VideoMath-Festival are available for DM 40,- each, format VHS-PAL or VHS-NTSC.

The tapes are sold


Besides the bag that every ordinary member of the congress will receive at registration you may want to bring home some other souvenirs for yourself, to remind you of the days in Berlin, or as a gift for your company, children, or relatives. The souvenirs-see the pictures and prices below-have been designed by Elke Behrends and will be available at the souvenir shop of ICM'98.

thumbnail: the ICM'98 bag (jpeg image, 98 KB)
the ICM'98 bag (DM 20.-)

thumbnail: the ICM'98 teddy (jpeg image, 46 KB)
a plush bear with the ICM'98 Logo (DM 15.-)
(The bear is the heraldic animal of Berlin.)

thumbnail: the ICM'98 watches (jpeg image, 36 KB)
watches with the ICM'98 Logo as digits (DM 30.- each)

thumbnail: the ICM'98 T-Shirts (jpeg image, 64 KB)
T-Shirts (available in white and black) with the ICM'98 Logo (DM 15.- each)

thumbnail: the ICM'98 umbrella (jpeg image, 37 KB)
umbrella in black: the pattern is composed of the letters of the ICM'98 Logo as well as "BERLIN" (DM 80.-)
It will also be available as foldable umbrella. (DM 50.-)

thumbnail: the full arrangement (jpeg image, 19 KB)
The full arrangement.

Design by Elke Behrends

thumbnail: the ICM'98 stamp (jpeg image, 44 KB)
The Deutsche Post will issue a commemorative stamp on the occasion of ICM'98. The stamp was designed by the graphic artist Norbert Hoechtlen (Munich).

The various ICM'98 posters are also available at the souvenir shop. The prices are
DM 5.- for a single poster
DM 15.- for the collection of all four posters

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