The Second Announcement of ICM'98

The Second Announcement of ICM'98 describes the scientific program and the social events of the Congress in detail and gives instructions on how to complete the registration process and obtain accommodation.

It contains a call for contributed short presentations, and gives instructions regarding the submission of abstracts.

The Second Announcement also includes advice on how to proceed upon arrival at airports and train stations, and it will be accompanied by a brochure describing the day trips and tours organized by DER-CONGRESS, a professional tour and congress organizer.

If you are seriously interested in participating in ICM'98 you are strongly encouraged to request a printed copy of the Second Announcment by filling out the Request Form for the Second Announcement.

You can also print your own copy of the Second Announcement using one of the postscript files below. In case you happen to know someone who is potentially interested in ICM'98 but does not use or does not have access to electronic media may we ask you to pass him or her a copy? We would be very obliged for any help.

The Second Announcement (without pictures and Registration Form) is available in the formats

¹The LaTeX version does not include maps, either.

If you need (additional) hard copies of the Registration Form you can either copy them,

retrieve an electronic version of the Registration From,

or order printed copies by writing to ICM'98.

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