I.5 Methods of Payment

The payment should be made in advance by one of the following methods:

a) bank cheque to be paid in German Currency (DM) to DER-CONGRESS.

b) bank transfer in German Currency (DM) to DER-CONGRESS, Commerzbank AG Frankfurt/Main, Account no. 589 32 35, Sort Code 500 400 00. A copy of the remittance order must be attached to the registration form. as well as the name of the participant (or, if payment is made for more than one person, all names) must be clearly marked on the remittance.

c) credit card: VISA / Diners Club / EUROCARD / MasterCard.

All fees for bank services which might occur have to be paid by the participants themselves and will, if not paid, be charged upon registration at the registration counter in the TU Berlin.

For details see the last page of the registration form.

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