Volume 27 (December 1995) Number 6


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Book reviews

Lehoczky, S.; Rusczyk, R.: The art of problem solving. Vol.1: The basics and solutions 
(Elts  Abel)   p. 167-168

Loska, R.: Lehren ohne Belehrung. Leonard Nelsons Methode der Gesprächsführung (Teaching, no preaching
(Sylvia Jahnke-Klein)   p. 169-172

Nordon, D.: Les mathématiques pures n'existent pas (Pure mathematics does not exist
(Colin Hannaford)   p. 172-175

Reichel, H.-C. (Hg.): Computereinsatz im Mathematikunterricht (Computer use in mathematics teaching)
(Alexander Wynands)   p. 175-176

Velleman, D.J.: How to prove it. A structured approach
(H.C.M. de Swart)   p. 177


Hat die Stoffdidaktik Zukunft? (Is there a future for subject specific didactics?
(Hans-Christian Reichel)   p. 178-187

Announcements of future events
p. 190

Addresses of contributors
p. 190 

Conference reports

The 7th annual international conference on technology in collegiate mathematics, Orlando (FL) 1994
(Herbert Henning; Brigitte Leneke)   p. 188-189

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