Volume 27 (June 1995) Number 3


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles   ISSN 0044-4103


Book reviews

Breiteig, T.; Huntley, I.; Kaiser-Messmer, G. (Eds.): Teaching and learning mathematics in context
(Alan Rogerson)   p. 89-91

Keitel, C.; Ruthven, K. (Eds.): Learning from computers: Mathematics education and technology
(David Green)   p. 92-94

Malle, G.: Didaktische Probleme der elementaren Algebra (Pedagogical problems of elementary algebra)
(Rainer Stahl, Uwe-Peter Tietze)   p. 95-98

Morris, R.; Arora, M.S. (Eds.): Moving into the twenty-first century 
(Geoffrey Matthews)   p. 99

Nelson, D.; Joseph, G.; Williams, J.: Multicultural mathematics. Teaching mathematics from a global perspective 
(Paulus  Gerdes)   p. 100-101


The intuition of the product? 
(Piet Verstappen)   p. 102-110

Addresses of contributors
p. 110

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