Volume 26 (August 1994) Number 4 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles   ISSN 0044-4103


Analyses: Visualization in mathematics and didactics of mathematics. Part 2
Part 1 

On understanding the reluctance to visualize
(Theodore Eisenberg)   p. 109-113

The role of visually mediated processes in classroom mathematics 
(Norma C. Presmeg)   p. 114-117

Geometrische Intuition, mathematische Konstruktion und einsichtige Argumentation (Geometric intuition, mathematical construction and reasonable argumentation)
(Wilhelm S. Peters)   p. 118-127

Bibliographie zur Visualisierungsdiskussion (Bibliography on visualization
(Wilhelm S. Peters)   p. 128-132

Book reviews

Berry, J.S.; Graham, E.; Watkins, A.J.P.: Learning mathematics through Derive 
(Robert Mayes)   p. 133-135

Engel, A.: Exploring mathematics with your computer
(Neil Bibby)   p. 136-137

Fisher, N.D.; Keynes, H.B.; Wagreich, P.D.:  Mathematicians and education reform 1990-1991
(Jeremy Kilpatrick)   p. 138

Schupp, H.: Optimieren. Extremwertbestimmung im Mathematikunterricht (Optimization. Extreme values in the mathematics classroom
(Martin Glatfeld)   p. 139-140


Computer-Lernprogramme in der Grundschule (Eudcational software for primary schools)
p. 141

A new journal
p. 141

Announcements of future events
p. 142-143

Addresses of contributors
p. 143

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