Volume 25 (April 1993) Number 2 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Book reviews

Howson, G.: National curricula in mathematics 
(Thomas J. Cooney, Barry E. Shealy)   p. 51-53

Lang, S.: Mathe! Begegnungen eines Wissenschaftlers mit Schülern (Math! Encounters with high school students)
(Kristina Reiss)   p. 53- 54

Lauter, J.: Fundament der Grundschulmathematik (Basics of primary mathematics)
(Herbert Henning)   p. 55-56

Pimm, D.; Love, E. (Eds.): Teaching and learning school mathematics 
(Geoffrey Howson)   p. 57-59

Saxe, G.B.: Culture and cognitive development 
(Ubiratan d'Ambrosio)   p. 60-63

Scheid, H.: Elemente der Geometrie (Elements of geometry)
(Horst Struve)   p. 63-64

Tall, D. (Ed.): Advanced mathematical thinking 
(John Mason)   p. 65-66


Educational features and the role of computers in Japan 
(Kiyoshi Yokochi et al.)   p. 67-75

Das operative Prinzip als umfassendes, allgemeingültiges Prinzip für das Mathematiklernen? (The operative principle as comprehensive and universal principle for the learning of mathematics?
(Ludwig Bauer)   p. 76-83

Zum Zufallsbegriff in der stochastischen Allgemeinbildung (The concepts randomness and chance in general stochastics education)
(Hans-Dieter Sill)   p. 84-88

Announcements of future events
p. 88-90

Addresses of contributors
p. 90

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