Volume 24 (Special issue 1992) Number 7 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Mathematics education in the Federal Republic of Germany

(Heinrich Bürger; Lisa Hefendehl-Hebeker)   p. 211

(Werner Blum; Christine Keitel; Hans Schupp; Hans-Georg Steiner; Rudolf Strässer; Hans-Joachim Vollrath)   p. 213

Part 1: Mathematics within the educational system

On the school system in Germany and the regulation of mathematics teaching 
(Ingo Weidig)   p. 214-219

Mathematical thinking in the primary school 
(Heinrich Winter)   p. 220-228

The development of practical arithmetic in lower secondary schools 
(Hans-Joachim Vollrath)   p. 229-233

Curriculum development in senior high school: Using calculus as an example 
(Uwe-Peter Tietze)   p. 234-241

Mathematics teaching in technical and vocational colleges: Professional training versus general education 
(Werner Blum; Rudolf Sträßer)   p. 242-247

Teaching styles in mathematics education 
(Hermann Maier; Jörg Voigt)   p. 248-252

Grouping in the teaching of mathematics at the lower secondary level 
(Norbert Sommer; Ursula Viet)   p. 253-258

Intuition and rigor in mathematics instruction 
(Peter Bender; Hans N. Jahnke)   p. 259-264

Part 2: Mathematics teacher education

The education of teachers of mathematics: An overview 
(Christine Keitel)   p. 265-273

The mathematical training of teachers from the point of view of education 
(Erich Ch. Wittman)   p. 274-279

The practical phase in teacher training: Preparing for professional practice under changing conditions 
(Falk Seeger; Heinz Steinbring)   p. 280-286

Part 3: Didactics of mathematics

The organization of didactics of mathematics as a professional field
(Heinz Griesel; Hans-Georg Steiner)   p. 287-295

A survey of research 
(Hans J. Burscheid; Horst Struve; Gerd Walther)   p. 296-302

p. 303-311

p. 313

Addresses of contributors
p. 314

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