Volume 24 (April 1992) Number 2 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles •  ISSN 0044-4103


Book reviews

Bryant, V.: Yet another introduction to analysis 
(David Tall)   p. 37-42

Engel, A.: Mathematisches Experimentieren mit dem PC (Mathematical experimenting with the microcomputer
(Herbert Henning, Frank Kästner)   p. 43-45

Ernest, P.: The philosophy of mathematics education 
(Ernst von Glasersfeld)   p. 46-47

Joseph, G.G.: The crest of the peacock 
(Leone Burton)   p. 48-49

Maier, H.: Didaktik des Zahlbegriffs (Teaching the number concept
(Siegbert Schmidt)   p. 50-62

Schulz-Reese, M.: Mathematische Weiterbildung (Post-study training in mathematics)
(Ralf Schaper)   p. 63-66


Recent and coming activities of the international study group on "Theory of Mathematics Education (TME)" 
(Hans-Georg Steiner)   p. 67-68

Conference reports

Report on the international conference "Psychology of learning and mathematics learning", Trento 1991 
(Luciana Bazzini)   p. 69-72

A report on the 6th European seminar on mathematics in engineering education, Budapest 1991 
(Nigel Steele)   p. 73-74

Addresses of contributors
p. 75

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