Volume 23 (October 1991) Number 5 


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles   ISSN 0044-4103


Analyses: The theory-practice-problem in mathematics education. Part 2
Part 1 

Vorbemerkung - Preliminary note   
p. 157

From inservice-courses to systematic cooperation between teachers and researchers 
(Erich Christian Wittmann)   p. 158-160

Interaktionsanalysen in der Lehrerbildung (Theory-practice problem and the training of mathematics teachers
(Jrg Voigt)   p. 161-168

Lesson transcripts and their role in the in-service training of mathematics teachers 
(Gerd von Harten, Heinz Steinbring)   p. 169-177

Information: Computers and mathematics: Computer algebra systems

Learning algebra or learning to formalize. The role and place of pocket calculators and computers 
(Jean-Nol Gers, Chantal d'Halluin)   p. 178-183

Computer algebra systems as learning tools 
(Joel Hillel)   p.  184-191

Symbolic mathematics and statistics software use in calculus and statistics education 
(Eric R. Muller)   p. 192-198

Zum Einfluss symbolverarbeitender Software auf den Analysisunterricht - Analyse von Abiturklausuren und empirische Befunde (The influence of symbolic software on calculus teaching)
(Maren Schnegelberger)   p. 199-203

Addresses of authors
p.  203

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