Volume 38 (April 2006) Number 2


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

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Analyses: Mathematical modelling and applications: empirical and theoretical perspectives
Edited by Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Morten
Blomhøj (Denmark), Bharath Sriraman (USA)

A1: Towards a didactical theory for mathematical modelling                                                    Gabriele Kaiser (Germany), Morten Blomhøj (Denmark), Bharath Sriraman (USA) ...  p.82
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A2: Theoretical and empirical differentiations of phases in the modelling process                            Rita Borromeo Ferri (Germany) ... p.86
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A3: Faces of mathematical modelling
Thomas Lingefjärd (Sweden) …p. 96

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A4: What are modelling competencies?                          
Katja Maaß (Germany)  …
p. 113
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A5: A framework for identifying student blockages during transitions in the modelling process
Peter Galbraith (Australia) &  Gloria Stillman (Australia) … p. 143

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A6: Teaching mathematical modelling through project work - experiences from an in-service course for upper secondary teachers
Morten Blomhøj (Denmark and Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen (Denmark) …p. 163

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A7: Modelling in mathematics classrooms
Hugh Burkhardt (UK) & Henry Pollak (USA) ... p. 178
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A8: Mathematical modelling as bridge between school and university
Gabriele Kaiser (Germany) & Björn Schwarz (Germany) …
p. 196
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Book Reviews

R1: Anne Watson & John Mason : Mathematics as a constructive activity
(Michael Fried (Israel)) … p. 209